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We call our toddlers program the Iguanas after the land iguanas of the Galapagos Islands.  The toddler years are a period of rapid growth and development.  Physical, social, language, and self-help skills are emerging quickly and require nurturing relationships to support children during this time.

Our curriculum for toddlers is founded on the principle of active participatory learning, which in turn is supported by decades of research and practice.  In this model, young children learn best when they are actively manipulating materials and interacting with their environment and the people in it, including peers and caregivers.

Active learning occurs throughout the daily routine and supports all areas of learning.  Toddlers need lots of room to move and many opportunities to make choices and try out different ways to do things.  

It is important for toddlers to have the opportunity to independently choose and access a variety of interesting and open-ended materials.   

  • We have established policies that promote continuity of care.

  • We create a climate of trust for children.

  • We form partnerships with children.

  • We support children's intentions.

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