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Rooted and inspired by Reggio Emilia as our core philosophy, we have invested in an evidence-based and child-focused curriculum known as HighScope.  HighScope aligns well with Reggio as they both have deep connections with the theories outlined by such visionaries as Dewey, Piaget, & Vygotsky.  Our Reggio inspired outlook informs our curriculum and provides a holistic outlook on our view of the child.


The HighScope Curriculum is a complete system of early childhood education, based on child development theory, research, and proven instructional practices. The curriculum has a set of teaching practices for adults and curriculum content in all areas with key developmental indicators (KDIs) for children.

HighScope teachers are as active and involved as the children. They thoughtfully provide materials, plan activities, and talk with (not at) children in ways that both support and challenge what children are observing and thinking. Activities are both child initiated — built on children’s natural curiosity — and developmentally appropriate (i.e., matched to children’s current and emerging abilities). HighScope calls this approach active participatory learning,  a process in which teachers and students are partners in shaping the learning experience.

(Epstein, 2014)    

Epstein, A. S. (2014). Essentials of active learning in preschool: Getting to know the Highscope curriculum. Ypsilanti, MI: HighScope Press.

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