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Jessenia is a co-owner of GalaMundi (Along with Sean & Elsa O'Hearn).  She is the Director of Operations for the preschool located in the Galapagos Islands.  Jessenia has over a decade of experience working in early childhood education in multiple settings including at Montessori and at public schools in the Galapagos.  She has a undergraduate degree in education with a specialty in teaching multiple languages.   

Tanya has 16 years of experience working as a teacher in early childhood education including over 7 years at a Montessori school in the Galapagos Islands.  She is currently in her third year of undergraduate studies in education.


Katty has 10 years of experience working as a teacher in early childhood education in the Galapagos Islands.  She is currently in her senior year of undergraduate studies in education.


Luz Maria has 8 years of experience working as a teacher in early childhood education and has been with GalaMundi since the start in the Galapagos Islands.  She has been instrumental as a teacher, teacher assistant, and in various administrative roles.




Sean & Elsa O'Hearn are co-owners of GalaMundi.  We met in the Galapagos Islands and have been married for 20 years.  We honeymooned in Northern Arizona and fell in love with the area.  So much so, that we named our first daughter Sedona.  We come from a family of educators and now have two daughters, Sedona (Age 17) and Sade (Age 11).  We have been operating in Flagstaff for the last six years and previously had a early childhood center but had to close due to Covid (Our first is located in the Galapagos Islands).  

Elsa is a native of the Galapagos Islands and has over fifteen years of experience working in early childhood education as an owner, administrator, teacher, and assistant teacher in the Galapagos Islands, Florida, and Arizona.  She decided to return to school and is currently in her senior year, having completed over 120 undergraduate credits in education.  Elsa has been an instrumental force in growing our educational center in the Galapagos over the last ten years.  Her sister, Jessenia, is currently the Director of our early childhood education center in the Galapagos.

Sean is a former child abuse & neglect investigative specialist for the Arizona Department of Child Safety and has extensive experience in environmental education and worked to create several environmental education awareness campaigns for children in the small communities of the Galapagos Islands.  He is the former Director and 12-1 Diplomat Liaison, for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in Ecuador.  Along with Elsa & Jessenia, he helped to start a preschool ten years ago and worked as a teacher assistant for its first year of operation.  

Sean is a trained cyber forensics and threat hunting specialist with previous experience investigating cyber intrusions and partnering with the Secret Service and the FBI.  He is currently a security consultant for IBM working from home.  He has a Bachelors and Master of Science degree in Information Security as well as a post-graduate certificate in clinical psychology.    

Sean is a Court Appointed Special Advocate in Arizona, a sworn officer of the court advocating for children living in foster care due to abuse or neglect.  He also volunteers his time as a subject matter expert and member of the Acceleration Zone Project to improve early literacy in his community and as a member of the kindergarten readiness community action network for LAUNCH Flagstaff.  In addition, he is a member of the Crisis Response Team for disaster services in Northern Arizona and the Community Emergency Response Team with the Coconino County Sheriff and Emergency Management. 


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