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We call our infants program the Boobies after the Blue-footed Boobies of the Galapagos Islands.  The relationship between teacher-caregiver and an infant is unique and vital in early development.  Infants are dependent on their caregivers to meet their basic needs, engage them in warm interactions, and help them feel safe in a new environment.

Our curriculum for infants is founded on the principle of active participatory learning, which in turn is supported by decades of research and practice.  In this model, young children learn best when they are actively manipulating materials and interacting with their environment and the people in it, including peers and caregivers.

Active learning occurs throughout the daily routine and supports all areas of learning.  This means infants spend most of their time on the floor or being held.  For mobile infants, it is important they have the opportunity to independently choose and access a variety of interesting and open-ended materials.

Nurturing interactions with caregivers are also essential to easing a child's anxiety about separation from parents or other family members.  Caregivers build authentic relationships with children by respecting that children have unique and individual temperaments.

  • We have established policies that promote continuity of care.

  • We create a climate of trust for children.

  • We form partnerships with children.

  • We support children's intentions.

No availability for infants at this time.

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